Ms. Sims has more than a decade of developing an online library of resources for Plaintiff Attorneys. An extensive sample list of ethical, medical, and legal resources is provided in the links below. For help with resources and more information contact Dorothy here.

Being in pain is difficult. Being young and not understanding why your parent has changed is frightening. We’ve seen how children have suffered and we want to help. We put these two books together to help your children try and understand what you are going through.

Mommy Hurts Image




Mommy Hurts, booklet written by Dorothy Sims (pdf format).

Daddy Hurts_1




Daddy Hurts, booklet written by Dorothy Sims (pdf format).

Holding expert’s responsible for their organizations or professional code of ethics can be invaluable to your case. See sample list of Code of Ethics for your expert’s board certification or organization membership.

For a list of organization websites and medical resources, click here.

For a list of legal resources, click here.

A sample diary for adult diabetics and family members to complete, can be found here.