Ms. Dorothy Sims provides a wide range of services to work with you, your firm, and your case. She and her Office are available to provide a phone or web consult, consult with Dr. Oregon Hunter, cross examine an opposing expert, and research an expert’s background/resume.

Please be aware that Dorothy schedules on a first come, first serve basis. Securing a deposition date or consult appointment in advance is imperative. Dorothy can usually schedule a phone or web consult with 1-2 weeks’ notice; while a deposition usually requires at least 3-4 weeks’ notice. A research project takes approximately 30 days to complete, although rush packages are available.

If you would like to contact Dorothy directly, click here. If you would like to schedule a free 10-15 minute phone conference, contact her office at or (352) 816-4517.

Consult Only Services

Dorothy can usually schedule web or phone consults with a 1-2 weeks’ notice. Her typical consult services include:
– watch the DVD of an opposing expert’s physical, psychological or psychiatric examination.
– compare that examination to the expert’s report and provide feedback to include:
(1) which physical tests the doctor claimed he performed, but were never done;
(2) what abnormal findings existed in the exam and how they were misrepresented;
(3) what the expert should have done and did not;
(4) how the expert misrepresented the test or exam. See example.
– advise your attorney and firm what tests/evaluations may be necessary to help prove your client’s case.
– discuss weaknesses which may exist in your own expert’s report.

Dr. Hunter Consult Services

Dorothy can also consult with and/or include Dr. Hunter in assessing an opposing counsel’s expert video examination. Typically it takes Dr. Hunter 2-4 hours to:
– review a report authored by the opposing medical expert.
– review the videotape of the exam.
– author a report exposing potential misrepresentations. See example.