“I was very impressed. It is really going to make life easy for the two doctors that are going to go over it and have it spiffed up for filing. Your detail was off the charts. We’re going to have to do this in some other cases from time to time that pop up in my legal practice. This is quite a system that you and Dr. Hunter have worked out and it has helped a lot of people I’m sure and will help a lot more in the future.  This also confirms why every medical examination ought to be taped. We’re still fighting that battle in Utah workers comp even though it has been approved under rule 35 for everything in state district court in the form of personal injury claims. We’re pushing the administration and the legislature on changing the law to permit taping of all medical examinations. I’ll let you know when we have some success. Thanks again. And have a great rest of the weekend.  JINKS”

- Attorney Jinks Dabney

“Dorothy is one of the most intelligent, hardworking lawyers I have ever met.  Her knowledge of medicine and ability to cross examine a defense medical “expert” is world class. I have had the privilege of working with her on brain injury cases. Her insights, suggestions, and depositions have helped get full justice for out clients. I recommend EVERY SINGLE Plaintiff and Criminal Defense Lawyer ON EARTH to get her involved in one of their cases.  They will be a better lawyer and person for it.   

Dr. Oregon Hunter is brilliant.  It is impossible to say anything to the contrary. I’ve watched him dissect hundreds of pages of medical records in what seemed like less time it would take to drink a cup of coffee only to engage in the most in-depth conversation about the client’s injuries, past treatment, and future medical needs. Every time a client submits to a defense medical exam, we have him review the video and report.  He has provided my office with “magic bullets” to be fired at the Defense Medical “Experts” after his review.  Those depositions, to say the least, have been very fun. Every lawyer with a client who has an exam with a Defense Medical “Expert”  should be getting Dr. Hunter to help.”

- Attorney Tim Felice

“Fellow PI Lawyers,

I’ve used Ms. Sims and Dr. Hunter for years now.

They bring big value to even small cases.We’ve gotten many expert witnesses severely limited and even more stricken entirely as a result of their work.On cases with physical exams I always have Dr. Hunter review the video and create a chart of everything about which the expert lied.  And it turns out to be quite a lot… even knowing they are being recorded. I sincerely could not recommend them more enthusiastically. “

- Attorney Rick Block

I had a contentious case in litigation where my client sustained a low back and SI Joint injury after being rear-ended by a bus.  The defendant hired a well-known and frequently used defense doctor to conduct a defense medical examination of my client.  Fortunately, I was able to have the examination videotaped, which proved invaluable.  I hired Oregon Hunter, M.D. to review the DME report and video, and what he found was astonishing.  It turned out that the DME failed to give most of the physical tests/measurements in accordance with AMA Guidelines and most shockingly, the DME report gave a specific measurement for a specific test but the video revealed that the defense doctor NEVER gave the test.  Dr. Hunter provided me with a wonderful chart comparing the report to the video to the AMA Guidelines which I used in preparation for both the DME deposition and trial cross examination.  Ultimately, I got this notorious defense doctor to admit he never gave the test, to admit that he didn’t give the tests according to AMA Guidelines and got several of his improper opinions stricken by the Trial Judge.  This resulted in a final settlement amount that was literally 60.5 times their last offer before I was brought into the case and filed the lawsuit.  There is no doubt in my mind that I couldn’t have achieved this result and exposed this fraudulent defense doctor.”

- Attorney Jay R. Vaughn

There are certain moments in an attorney’s career that stand out, and those moments are few and far between.  In my career, one of those highlights was my time working alongside Dorothy Clay Sims.  Observing her was like watching a masterclass.  Her brilliance and passion for unmasking purported experts left me in awe.  It was inspiring.  She was in total control from the minute she signed on, and the doctor she ultimately deposed likely hopes he never sees her again.  With good reason. “

- Attorney Ryan Wechsler

“Dorothy– Your depo was so good it left me speechless and shaking my head in disbelief. The reporter and videographer said Dr. (name removed) had no credibility after your cross, that it was obvious she was just saying whatever the defense wanted her to. The videographer said that it was one of the only 2 depositions in his 28 years where the witness was totally demolished. Thanks again for your contribution no”

- John Hill
“I have been handling brain injury cases for over 20 years. Dottie is the best out there on researching doctors and cross examining them. If this is one of the first brain injury cases you have, you need Dottie, If this is the 20-30-or 50 brain injury case you have had, you need Dottie.”
- Dianne Weaver
“Dorothy Sims was absolutely invaluable in helping us assess the inconsistencies and outright misrepresentations of defense neuropsych’s report. You can never trust the defense neuropsych. Having Dorothy on your side is a must for any mtbi case.”
- Alex Scheingross
“Mrs. Sims has brought together all of the information needed to destroy Defense CME experts. Her information enables the plaintiff attorney to load for bear, and fire.”
- Woody Igou
“On assisting in creating and presenting mediation arguments” Dorothy Clay Sims has provided our firm with invaluable expertise in handling many traumatic brain injury and other significant claims over the years. Her command of medical issues, her unmatched cross-examination abilities, and her willingness to attend and help us develop detailed PowerPoints for mediation have really been the difference in not only winning vs. losing cases but it winning them for top dollar for our injured clients.”
- Gary N. Boutwell

“In regard to Dr. Griffith, to put it bluntly, he was a terrible witness. He was sarcastic, arrogant, argumentative, flippant, and often refused to answer the questions put to him. On his own, he assumed facts for which there was no support in the record, and then offered his opinion based on these assumed facts. For example, he assumed that the Claimant was at fault in the incident where his truck was shot at (e.g., TRG 142-48), that Claimant was worried that he would have to pay $17,000 to repair the truck (e.g. TRG 35), and that Claimant was depressed due to his three divorces (TRG 48-49, 312). He provided different answers to substantially similar questions throughout his testimony. As an example, his testimony regarding whether Claimant is malingering or exaggerating changed constantly, to the point that his opinion regarding this question is incomprehensible. See, e.g., TRG 49-53, 309-1-, 317. Further, he believes that anyone in Claimant’s shoes would be trying to collect compensation rather than work, since he believes “no one feels like working”. E.g., TRG 442.8 He also believes that if the Claimant actually was suffering from PTSD, the carrier would not be opposing the claim. TRG 161. Moreover, his medical judgment is clouded by his belief that PTSD is a highly overused diagnosis. TRG 317. The full flavor of Dr. Griffith’s testimony can only really be appreciated by reading the entire 490-page transcript and viewing the videotape of his May 8, 2009 deposition; but reading pages 29-35 of the transcript would be a good starting point. His bias against Claimants; his irrationality; and his unwillingness to provide a straight answer to a question; are exhibited throughout his testimony. Dr. Griffith’s opinion in this case is not credible and has no probative value.”

-A judge’s reaction to Ms. Sim’s cross-examination: Below is language taken from an order which resulted due to Ms. Sim’s cross-examination of psychiatrist retained by AIG in a case involving a trucker driver injured overseas. (emphasis supplied) This order was entered in June of 2010. Since that date, in spite of the order, AIG continued to retain his services.

- Attorney David Sweat