Ms. Sims has developed a unique brand of experience in her books, articles, speeches, and interviews. For more detailed information on any of these subjects, or for questions on purchasing a copy, contact Dorothy here.

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“Exposing the Deceptive Defense Doctor.” Strategies and pattern questions for revealing dishonesty, bias, overreaching, and incompetence by defense doctors in multiple specialties is provided in this exceptional book.

“Minor Impact and Soft Tissue Cases: Trying and Settling and Trying MIST Cases,” Trialguides Publishing Co authors, Freeman, M, Croft, A, Mathis, J.


Her work has been referred to in a number of books including Toxic Torts by Gary Pittman. In David Ball’s, “The 2009 Plaintiff Revolution,” the authors refers to Dorothy’s book as “it provides tool after tool for undermining the great shame of the American justice system: Physicians who’s personal oath is to do no harm to their wallets. Sims’s book is to these public menace physicians as is the heel of your shoe to a roach” (page 273).

Presumed Guilty
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Chapter 34 Psychological, Psychiatric, and Neuropsychological Expert Testimony in MAID Cases (Major Automobile Injury and Death), Thompson West Publishers.

In press, A book on litigating minor impact injuries, Trialguides,

In the best seller, “Presumed Guilty,” the author writes, “At this point Dorothy, our secret weapon, took over. Dorothy set up her research team at the Quality Inn that resembled Gene Hackman’s team-all those people doing research—in The Runaway Jury.” “When it came to work, she was a machine…”(page 272).

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Congress on Electrodiagnostic Studies and Kenesiology
Florida Underwriter
4th World Congress of the International Society of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine, Seoul, Korea
Trial Magazine (National Journal for American Association for Justice)
Co-author, Florida Impairment Guide
International Brain Injury Association,
Brain Injury Professional
The Florida Bar Journal
The Nation
The Advocate (Publication for Arizona Association for Justice)
News & 440 Report
Champion Magazine
Workers Injury Litigation Group


Wall Street Journal
New York Times
Lawyers USA
National Law Journal
Lawyers USA
Business 2.0
IndUSBiz Journal
Chicago Law Bulliton
Ocala Today
Gainesville Sun
Ocala Star Banner


Piers Morgan Show
On The Record with Greta Van Susteren
InSessions with Ryan Smith
WHAS TV (NBC affiliate, Kentucky)

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The Voice of America
University of Florida College of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Leadership positions:
(Past and present)

President: Marion County Bar Association
Co founder and chair of Florida Worker’s Advocates.
First woman to chair the Florida Bar Worker’s Compensation Executive Counsel
Board of Directors, Brain Injury Litigation Group for the American Association of Justice

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Florida Psychological Association
American Association of Justice
University of Florida College of Law
University of Florida College of Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry (multiple lectures)
California Consumer Lawyers
International Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Association
Ohio Justice Association
Florida Justice Association
Brain Injury Association
North American Brain Injury Society
Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
Ohio Association for Justice
New Jersey Justice Association
Wisconsin Association for Justice and Brain Injury
Arizona Association for Justice
Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
Montana trial Lawyers Association
Ohio Medical Malpractice Association
Houston Trial Lawyers Association
Indiana Trial Lawyers Association
Kentucky Justice Association
Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
Louisville Public Defenders
Utah Association of Justice/Brain Injury Association of Utah
American Bar Association
Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association
Washington DC Trial Lawyers Association
Virginal Trial Lawyers Association
Michigan Association of Justice
Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles
San Francisco Public Defender’s Office
Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Alaskan Trial Lawyers Association