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Exposing the Deceptive Defense Doctor

Strategies and pattern questions for revealing dishonesty, bias, overreaching, and incompetence by defense doctors in multiple specialties is provided in this exceptional book.

“Minor Impact and Soft Tissue Cases: Trying and Settling and Trying MIST Cases,” Trialguides Publishing Co authors, Freeman, M, Croft, A, Mathis, J.

Exposing the Deceptive Defense Doctor

The Casey Anthony trial of 2011 is estimated to have drawn the television and reading attention of no less than a quarter of a billion people from around the world. In Justice in America, Anthony defense attorney J. Cheney Mason, who was brought in to save the case, asserts that the jury got it right, and that America, the media, and the public blinded by the nightly lights, got it all wrong. His is the final chapter on the Anthony trial which ignited, mesmerized, and inflamed the public in a way not seen since the O.J. Simpson trial. It became the trial of this century and a piece of legal work destined to be studied for decades to come. Attorney Mason answers the remaining questions left by previous authors with a play-by-play account of what was happening behind the scenes with Casey. He shares never before revealed media bias, and enough case secrets to make readers re-examine their conscience and the quick path to judgment and personal conviction of Anthony. A must-read for anyone who followed the trial; for anyone interested in justice and absolutely required reading for anyone pursuing law or criminal justice as a life passion.


Her work has been referred to in a number of books including Toxic Torts by Gary Pittman. In David Ball’s, “The 2009 Plaintiff Revolution,” the authors refer to Dorothy’s book as “it provides tool after tool for undermining the great shame of the American justice system: Physicians who’s personal oath is to do no harm to their wallets. Sims’s book is to these public menace physicians as is the heel of your shoe to a roach” (page 273).

Chapter 34 Psychological, Psychiatric, and Neuropsychological Expert Testimony in MAID Cases (Major Automobile Injury and Death), Thompson West Publishers.

In press, A book on litigating minor impact injuries, Trialguides,

In the best seller, “Presumed Guilty,” the author writes, “At this point Dorothy, our secret weapon, took over. Dorothy set up her research team at the Quality Inn that resembled Gene Hackman’s team-all those people doing research—in The Runaway Jury.” “When it came to work, she was a machine…”(page 272).


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