See below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding Ms. Dorothy Sims’ research, consults, cross-examination, and speeches. If you need more info, just contact me here.


Yes. Simply arrange for the conference by scheduling with Dorothy here. A fifteen minute conference or less can be scheduled at no charge. She can advise you after briefly looking at the report whether she believes she can be of assistance. She can then:
  • Point out weaknesses in the report.
  • Suggest items to subpoena.
  • Advise you of opinions in the report that are incorrect and how to prove it.
  • Give you scientific citations that can be used in direct and cross-examination.
  • Point out additional tests/experts you may need.
  • Assist you in preparing PowerPoint slides for mediation addressing physical and psychiatric issues as well as addressing weaknesses in defense opinions and experts.

Seminar & Webinars

Yes, however, she remains heavily booked and live seminars require notice. A seminar can be scheduled back to back with the cross examination of an expert in your area.

Yes. Dorothy has given a number of seminars to law firms who combine resources to bring her to a designated office for a private all day or half day seminar.

Yes, she has software that permits her to do this and the attendees can view both Dorothy and her screen and she can answer questions from the audience. She can also show her power point presentation and take questions from the audience using software to which she subscribes.

Yes, she is typically requested to do webinars on specific issues previously discussed under areas of practice. She is also contacted to provide seminars on how to expose false claims of malingering, how to understand how and why experts can manipulate the tests and how to expose them.

For more information on Dorothy’s seminars, visit her page here.