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Dorothy Sims and her team combine decades of experience in medical, legal, and research fields.

On a daily basis, Dorothy consults with attorneys throughout the U.S., to provide methods of expert testimony cross-examination. If an attorney requests, Dorothy can depose experts herself. For more information about her consulting, visit the Consultations page .

Dorothy’s practice includes numerous other projects and philanthropic work. She is frequently invited to in-house seminars for lawyers and law firms on researching and cross-examining. She has given over 350 speeches internationally on medical/legal issues throughout the world and is often invited as the state keynote speaker. She has spoken in almost every state in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. She has also been a featured speaker in Paris, France, Jaipur, India, and twice in Kyoto, Japan.

She has authored chapters in books with individuals such as David Ball and Don Keenan as well as Dr. Michael Freeman. Dorothy donates a percentage of her book profits various organizations including the American Association for Justice and the International Federation for Human Rights. Her book, “Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors ” was a best seller for 3 years in a row and went into reprint status soon after publication, unheard of in the industry. She has also authored two children’s books for parents who are injured. The books are available for free upon request. She has also authored articles in national publications to include the Champion Magazine, Trial Magazine (The American Association for Justice Journal) most recently on the cover of the December, 2015 issue, and Brain Injury Professional.Dorothy Clay Sims

Dr. Oregon Hunter
Dr. Oregon Hunter, M.D.

About Dr. Hunter

Dorothy’s most recent addition to her team is Dr. Oregon K. Hunter, MD – a medical doctor licensed in Florida – who currently works on cases with Dorothy and other lawyers to determine if misrepresentations are made about the science. If you provide notice to defense counsel, he can attend a deposition as a non-testifying consultant. He can remote in for mediations to explain medical issues to the defense in support of the plaintiff’s case. He watches videotapes of defense exams and provides an analysis for lead counsel explaining what the other side’s expert misrepresented. For an example of an evaluation of a case conducted by Dr. Hunter in which the expert’s exam was videotaped contact us here.

Dr. Hunter is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and practiced medicine in Hawaii, California and Florida. He joined Dorothy’s team in 2015 and is an invaluable asset in reviewing cases.

Dr. Hunter is also available to attend mediations by video and explain weaknesses in defense’s position. Attorneys Evan Lubell (elubell@floridalegalrights.com) and Dan Ramsfeld (dan@ramsdelllaw.com) can be contacted as references for Dr. Hunter’s recent participation in their case.

About Dorothy Sims

Dorothy received both her undergraduate and law degree from the University of Florida; and studied international law at Oxford University. She is licensed in the state of Florida, US District Court – Northern District of Florida, US District Court and the Middle District of Florida. She has also cross examined experts in many states throughout the US.

Dorothy with Kentucky coal miners.
Dorothy with Kentucky coal miners.

Dorothy initially represented miners in Kentucky who were denied black lung benefits. Going down into the bowels of a mine in Eastern Kentucky, she felt vibrations as the miners “shot coal” (exploded portions of the face to loosen the coal). Despite wearing a mask, her trip left her coughing and sneezing coal dust for days; leading to a newfound respect for the dreaded pneumoconiosis suffered by miners who had spent decades in the mines.

After representing coalminers, Dorothy began representing workers who were injured and denied medical care. She co-founded the Florida Workers’ Advocates – the state’s first watchdog over the insurance industry devoted to serving injured – and eventually served as president.

For over a decade, Sims volunteered time to lobby on behalf of the injured and was the first woman to be elected Chair of the Florida Bar Worker’s Compensation Section in its 22-year history. She also served as President of the Marion County Bar Association.

While practicing law, she began to notice an alarming pattern. Forensic experts hired by the other side were reaching conclusions by (1) misrepresenting the science (2) ignoring the science (3) misrepresenting the facts and/or their examination and/or (4) testifying beyond their own training and education.

Dorothy’s Upbringing, Family and Inspirations

Dorothy Sims grew up in Owensboro, Kentucky, where her mother worked for Head Start while her father worked for the phone company. She moved to Florida while in high school. Her mother, who struggled with alcoholism and who joined AA, received her 10 year chip of sobriety before her death.

Dorothy and her grandfather.
Dorothy and her grandfather.

Her grandfather, the Kentucky-based John Y. Brown, Sr. and well known trial lawyer, loomed large and was a powerful influence in Dorothy’s childhood. Growing up listening to his stories about the poor victims he represented, Dorothy learned how he took on unpopular cases – representing miners – during strikes against potent mining companies.

John Y. Brown, Sr meets with Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President of the U.S.)
John Y. Brown, Sr meets with Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President of the U.S.)

The 1950’s and ‘60’s were dangerous times and her grandfather put his own life in danger repeatedly on behalf of his clients, poor miners who had no voice. During one trial a deputy hit Brown on the head with a shotgun and knocked him unconscious. His silence was brief however. Brown went on to become a member of the House of Representatives for nearly three decades. There he served as Speaker and as majority floor leader. Dorothy’s grandfather also sponsored the state’s first Civil Rights legislation, in spite of death threats to himself and his family.

Her uncle, John Y Brown, Jr., was the former Governor of Kentucky and her cousin, Pamela Brown is a justice correspondent for CNN. Her brother, the former Prosecutor and Judge, Benham J. Sims , is also a lawyer and practices in Kentucky. Her sister in law, Debbie Deweese is a Judge in Louisville.

Dorothy’s motivation and inspiration to fight for those with a disability is largely influenced by her younger brother, who suffered from Down Syndrome. She saw how he was treated by strangers, sometimes with pity, sometimes with cruelty. Dorothy’s decision to working with the injured and disabled, who often have no voice when pitted against powerful people/organizations, is well founded and no coincidence.

Dorothy typically devotes one day per week to working on cases Pro Bono. If you are a lawyer who believes your client has been abused by an expert, and are on a tight budget, contact Dorothy here. Please send a concise email explaining your case.

Dorothy Volunteering

Volunteering is a part of Dorothy’s practice. She  feeds the homeless in Ocala, New York, Los Angeles and Paris; and volunteers in a medical clinic in a rural city in western Mexico. She also volunteers in a medical clinic in Nevada and has worked with doctors in India to provide free medications. Travels took her to the Amazon Jungle where Sims saw firsthand destruction of the jungle by corporations who displaced the native Shuar Indians. She also trekked medications to the Kathmandu region in Nepal.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”
– Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi